The Jungle
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Oh My Distorted Smile....

Welcome, this is my first site on tripod. I have a couple sites 2 being (inactive) and .This site is detticated to Guns N' Roses, Misfits, and alot of other kick ass rock n roll bands.



  • NOV. 25: Site created. My brother Daniel was just born 3 days ago. I just got a cell phone and bought a phone card and got ripped off.
  • Dec. 25: Wow a month and nothing new. Well thats all about to change. As usual this site is under construction and will be for quete a while. Merry Christmas ppl. Sonn i'll be outta that sht head school and off on summer break. God I hate winter.



"With Your Bitch Slap Rappin' And Your Cocane Tounge Ya Get Nothin' Done"